Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ShopBack Malaysia

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Do you shop online?
Especially at Lazada, Groupon, Zalora, Amazon or Foodpanda?
I believe I have definitely hit some spot on on some of the sites I've mentioned above.
Ever imagine getting a few bucks back for each purchase at Zalora, Groupon and so on.
I believe I have definitely hit the trigger button for some of you who love to shop online like me.
For that matter, this is a promise from ShopBack.
ShopBack" helps you earn cashback when you shop

What is ShopBack?
ShopBack is a cashback website that give you CASH back when you shop online. It might sound too good to be true, but this is indeed genuine.
The process is easy and simple. Every successful transaction made by the shoppers from any of the online store linked in ShopBack, merchants who gains from the shopper's purchase will give a commission to ShopBack. From there, ShopBack will return a cut of the commission back to the shoppers.

The best part is, cashback is also given to shoppers on top of all existing discounts and credit card rebates!!
Which means we would be able to SAVE even more!
Once the the cashback is available, you can proceed to retrieve them by transferring them to your own preferred local bank account.

How it works?
STEP 1: Take your pick from over 500 online merchants on ShopBack
Sign up for a ShopBack account and sign in. Once done, you are able to browse through various sites from a wide selection of merchants. You are also able to search your shopping needs from various categories such as fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, skincare and many more.

STEP 2:Get directed to the merchant's website.
Once you have selected a store, just proceed by clicking "Shop Now" to redirected to the merchant's official website. From there, you can start shopping as usual and make your purchase at the merchant's site.

STEP 3: Earn Cashback
Once payment is made at the merchant's site, your cashback will automatically be credited to your ShopBack account within a few days. Once redeemable, you may proceed to "cash out" via transfer to your bank account.

Simple isn't it?

Now with Chinese New Year just round the corner, this is definitely a perfect time to start shopping for new clothes and make-up from Sephora and Asos. Hurry get Sephora and Asos coupons now!
Buy new make-up with Sephora coupons and get discounts on clothes with ASOS promo codes.
Not forgetting to check out great Chinese New Year Shopping and sales too! 

Now with this cashback reward, I think I will soon be doing some massive online shopping because, they have more than 50 merchants and my frequent purchases are mostly from eBay, Althea, Hermo, Aliexpress and Forever21!

What are you waiting for? Begin your ShopBack's cashback journey now! 
CLICK HERE to sign up now! 

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