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Review: The Body Shop Seaweed - Oil Balancing Clay Mask

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Since I LOVES to DIY stuff. So, when it comes to facial skincare, my routine usually consist of homemade products using food ingredients which are great for skin. In fact, the results are consistently good compared to some masks I purchased outside.

Till now the only shortcoming is the inability to combat my prone-to-be oily "T-ZONE". So, I came across this Mask from Body Shop during my last visit and decided to give it a shot.

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask

This mask contains mineral rich seaweed which is suitable for combination/oily skin with the aims to clarify, control and mattifies oily/combination skin. Sounds like a great deal right?

Besides, this clay itself is 100% natural and will help to revitalize your skin by controlling excess oil meanwhile drawing out impurities.

How to use: So, I applied a generous amount of the clay mask and left to set for 15 minutes.

The Scent: Clay-ish scent. Some said it smells like detergent. But I love it! ;)

The Texture: It has a thick consistency, dilute it with a few drops of water to allow it to spread easily.

Repurchasing: I absolutely love this mask and would definitely repurchase! 

I use this once a week. However if you have slightly more sensitive skin, I would recommend you to use this every 2 weeks once just to deep cleanse because this product might "over" dries up your skin as it is designed for combination/oily skin.

• works best for oily skin as it helps to "suck up" the oil on the T-ZONE area
• Re-freshens skin
• Helps tighten pores
• 100ml is ALOT! so it will last for quite some time
• loves the clay scent

• will dry out skin for dry skin people
• does not MOISTURIZE skin

This face masks have been wonderful for my skin, combating my oily T-ZONE.
The quality and prices are pretty reasonable as it is only RM79 for a 100ml tub.
A little goes a long way. With the usage of at least once a week, it takes me 1 year and 2 months for me to finish up a tub. So this is definitely a great deal!

Rates: ★★★★

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