Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review: Jurlique Facial Experience

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I normally would not even go near Jurlique as I heard that the price of the product and services there were kind of exclusive. So, normally I might just passes the beauty parlor on purpose just to inhale the relaxing and captivating scent of their aroma therapy essential oil.
I never been or even tried facial my entire life. Until the other day, my itchy hands was browsing through Groupon and I stomp upon the promotion of "90-minutes Signature Facial at Jurlique" for only RM88.

So, I decided to give it a shot.

The facial session was to be 1.5 hours and I chose the hydrating type as noticed that my skin are pretty dehydrated recently due to the long hours under air-con.
The facial session started with a scalp massage, followed by double cleansing on my face. The cooling with the massaging effect was so comfortable. The entire process was so relaxing till i practically slept. Until the moment of blackheads extraction. Gosh. I guess I really do have stubborn blackheads. After the extraction, she sprayed their star product, the Rosewater Balancing Mist onto my face for soothing purposes. I have to admit that the scent was really good.
 Soon she followed with a face massage done simultaneously with the face steamer and the cooling collagen mask. Then, she followed up by a short massage on my legs and shoulders. And I have to admit, it was really relaxing until i slept again.  

*much of a pampering session eh?*
After the facial session, I did immediately felt that my face was brighter and more moisturized.
All in all, the facial was truly a relaxing one. The beauty advisor was pretty persuasive and advised me on what my skin really need. But in the end, I bought myself a set of the Hydrating Set to give it a try. 
Will give a review on the products soon. Do stay tuned. ;)

No doubt I really do like the facial session there but the price was pretty costly. As it would cost around RM300 plus for my session earlier. If the course was cheaper I would definitely not hesitate to sign up. I guess now I would need to ought for another cheaper facial session. :(

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