Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gucci Flora - Gorgeous Gardenia

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Flora by Gucci Garden Collection was launched in the year of 2012. 
The collection comes in five editions of Glorious Mandarin, Gracious Tuberose, Gorgeous Gardenia, Glamorous Magnolia and Generous Violet. Gorgeous Gardenia is one of my favourite among the five editions.
 Gorgeous Gardenia has a fruity blended floral with a huge dollop of sugar and notes of red berries, pear, gardenia, frangipani, patchouli and brown sugar accord. The gardenia creates a feeling of abundance with an extremely soft, clean, sweet and mysterious mix. The lasting duration is approximately 10hours.
Overall this Gorgeous Gardenia is sweet at the same time having an irresistible charm and sophistication.
My favourite scent from Gucci so far. ;)

Scent: ★★★★★
Lasting Power: ★★★★

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