Sunday, September 6, 2015

Differentiate Fake and Authentic Disney Shelliemay

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I wanted a ShellieMay bag so badly so I decided to purchase them online the other day.
Unfortunately, I got myself a counterfeit ShellieMay!
I was really pissed and disappointed. Because I paid almost the same amount as the genuine one.

Now let me show you how to spot a counterfeit or an authentic Disney ShellieMay bag.

As you can see the Counterfeit is actually "skinnier" than the Authentic ShellieMay bag.
and the texture of the fur is a little rougher than the Authentic ShellieMay.
Now, for the Authentic ShellieMay you can see the word "The Disney Bear" is clearly printed at the back of the bag. Where as the counterfeit has the same word but with unclear or fading wordings.

Here is a closer view
The Fake

The Authentic

So people, please dont be fooled by the counterfeit no doubt they look really familiar.
Because at the end of the day you are paying the same amount. Therefore, might as well we get the Authentic one. Why paying the same amount for the counterfeit right?


millymin said...

Wahh rich lor ... Paying for the same amount for counterfeit products.

Xherlyn said...

You should sympathized me instead. I was cheated :(