Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: NYX Wonder Stick

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To admit, I am quite a fan of contouring since it is a cheaper and painless way to get stronger features on your face. So, ever since the day I started learning to contour, I would definitely not miss out contouring to finish up my make.
*Cheap way to achieve MJ's nose without a nosejob*

So, coincidentally  I dropped by Sephora the other day. The initial plan was to get a decent bronzer but something else caught my attention as I was browsing through NYX's counter.
Their brand new NYX Wonder Stick!

The NYX Wonder Stick comes in four shades: Light, Medium, Deep and Universal.
So to suit my skin tone, I picked the medium shade.

If you are familiar with highlighting and contouring, you would notice that using different shades of concealer actually helps to deliver a natural and less harsh results. But sometimes it would be pretty irksome to find the correct shade that compliments each another.
This would be my very first contour stick as I usually would use the contour palette instead.
But the outcome of the result was quite good.


Tadaa!!! Slightly taller nose!!

I really like the way they package the contour stick in a conveniently double-sided lipstick look little tube.  Besides, at the side of the box packaging, they even provide you a photo tutorial of  the step-by-step direction to play with this highlight/ contour trick. Its a good news for contouring newbies ;)

Overall the Wonder Stick worked well. I really liked the contour shade and the highlighting shade. The Medium Shade (WS02) worked well on me, but I did need to build up the color a little bit to get the correct shade. Besides, they did blend easily too! 

Rates: ★★★★★ 


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ehems.. ini hidung garlic limited edition ;)

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