Saturday, January 24, 2015

Random post on January 2015

song: bodyshaking

I was feeling pretty bored this morning after cleaning up my tragic room. :(
Guess what i've found???!!!
A brand new wig that has been lying there abandoned.. LOL
Anyway, i decided to try the wig out.

And yeahhh.. I posted one of this pictures on my Facebook and my parents saw them.
They asked,

Mum: Eh? Ling is that you?
Me: Nope. Not me. Just some picture i found on the web.
Mum: Its you but dont look like you. You look so different!! I cant believe it. When do you took this picture??
Me: Oh! This picture was taken 5 years ago. hahahah
Mum: No wonderla you look so young.

Am I suppose to feel happy?? I dont know.. LOL
Anyway, this wig was one of my favourite wig as the texture was superbly soft and easy to put on.

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