Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Japanese Ambassador's Cup 2014

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So the day has finally arrive. The day that I have been counting down for. :(
Woke up at 6am, cant really sleep due to anxiety.. hahahha
Got ready and went for breakfast at 7am. After breakfast, we left the hotel and went straight to the Japanese School.

The Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur

Walking into the hall

The Japanese Ambassador's Cup 2014
PKC's armour section
The team getting prepared for warming up session

Warming up time. It has been long eversince I warm up with such huge group of PKC members.
bums.. XD
 At around 10am the tournament starts.
Our PKC-C was the first team to fight.
From left: Lee, Jess, Lim and Kuan Hui

My first match was with the Sabah team.
Below would be the shots by Siew Peng during the entire match. Thank you :D

From Left: Susan Hii (Sabah), Xherlyn - Me (Penang)
Our team PKC-B won Sabah

From Left: Susan Hii (Sabah), Yann Ni (Penang)
Yann Ni and her glamorous "Flying Men Cut"
PKC-A won Sabah team as well and that has led us to fight each other before being qualified into the Semi-Finals.

From Left: Xherlyn- Me (PKC-B), Yann Ni (PKC-A)
I met Yann Ni in the next match. hahahaha

Both of our PKC's Senseis met in the match as well.
From left: Kuwae-sensei, Morimitsu-sensei

A group photo of the PKC members :D
A group photo with the rest of the kendoka from all around Malaysia

Lunch time!

We continued with grading after lunch at 2pm.
Superbly nervous as I was not really familiar with my kata steps.
The Kyu candidates :D
The Dan candidates

And guess what? I did pass my grading.
Superbly happy as it was kinda unexpected to me. :D
Thank you God. :D

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