Saturday, August 30, 2014

PKC's trip down to south

mood: nervous
song: complication

The day had finally arrived. Today our entire PKC members will be travelling down to KL for the Japanese Ambassador Cup Tournament and also grading. 
So we all gather up at 10.30am at Tesco to catch our bus.
 The team members
 Literally our club's Bus - PKC :D
 We were too bored so we took a selfie

 The uncles of the club 
 This is how we kill our time in the bus
Face warping 1
 Face Warping 2
 my companion for the entire trip

We stopped by at one of the Ipoh famous Chicken Rice shop for lunch

 The trip continues after lunch
Slept during the entire trip to KL. We reached KL at around 6pm.
Checked-in the hotel and proceeded for dinner 8pm.

Kung Pao pork for only RM6. SUPERBLY CHEAP with big portion!

Butter chicken
After dinner, we went to Sunway Piramid to catch a movie.
Went back to the hotel after that and continued feeling nervous for tomorrow.
Stay Tuned

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