Monday, August 11, 2014

Differentiate Genuine and Fake XiaoMi Powerbank

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I've recently just got my XiaoMi powerbank from Zeon. I brought it back and I just realized that my mum had the same powerbank as well.
Till I come to realized that my mum's XiaoMi powerbank and mine had pretty different features.
Before I start, my mum got cheated and bought the FAKE one for RM78 whereas Zeon got the GENUINE one for only RM36!
See how scammers cheat the market. =.=

Left: Fake; Right: Genuine 
1. From the top picture, you can realized that the texture of the fake is pretty shiny compared to the genuine which has mat color.

2. As you can see, the fake has a website printed whereas the genuine has printed on the back. Just log in into both of the website and compare them yourself.

3. Now at the bottom of the powerbank, the genuine will have a lighter gray printing whereas the fake will have a darker gray. Besides that, you would also be able to notice the orientation of the logos are also different. The genuine has CE and FC logo printed whereas the fake has none.

4. Now , the USB cable of the powerbank. For the fake ones, their USB has the logo MI printed on them whereas the genuine ones is just simple and do not have any imprinted logo on their cables.

5. For the FAKE XIAOMI, the led light will light up once you click on the power button and the led will start flickering vigorously like Disco. If you come to notice, the light and brightness of the LED is pretty harsh .  

6. For the GENUINE XIAOMI, the LED had a better soothing brightness if you compare. Besides, once the power button is on, it will not flicker like the FAKE XIAOMI.

Now this is a clearer picture of the color and texture of the FAKE AND GENUINE XIAOMI.

So, who ever that plans to get a XiaoMi powerbank, please do not be fooled by money oriented cheaters outside that claim the fake as the genuine powerbank. My mum was one of the victim of this scam. Besides, I believe most of you had also heard news of the Fake XiaoMi powerbanks exploded a couple of times.
Moreover, why pay more for a FAKE product?! Please beware and not to be the next victim that got cheated into buying Fake products.

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