Friday, June 27, 2014

Singapore Trip: Day 1

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I know this sounded stupid, but i have to admit that this is my very first time to Singapore.
It was a trip before starting my new chapter of life when I gets back to Penang.
It was an opportunity for me to visit my sis that is currently in Sg and meanwhile experiencing Sg at the same time.

I felt as if I am currently in some Singapore drama scene among these apartments.

We had our home cooked breakfast by both Wendy and Christine. Then at around 11am we walked over to Ikea to meet up with Emily for lunch.

While waiting for Emily, we did find ways to kill our time.
And both of them did it really good. =.=

So we had lunch at Ikea.
Our desert 
After, lunch Emily got back to work and 3 of us are on our own.
I let both of these tour guides take me around as they seems to be really familiar with this place.
So, they decided to bring me around Bugis for a stroll 
Bugis people
Things here are pretty cheap! (before conversion of course)
We headed to Orchard after that. On our way there, we saw a really "yau yeng" policeman controlling the traffic allowing some VIP to go through. I have to admit, it is really hard to find a police with this perfect size at our place here. *I hope you know what I meant*

grab lotsa magazine from Kinokuniya.
Time to save some cash for tomorrow at USS. :D

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