Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dramatic Monster Mouth Make Up

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song: last christmas

This is one of my Halloween try outs on a more dramatic monster mouth look other than my 1st Kyary Pamyu Pamyu inspired make up.

The Items I've Used
1. White contact lenses
2. Elianto Black Pencil eyeliner
3. Elainto White Pencil eyeliner
4. Maybelline Pure Concealer 
5. Elianto Pink, White, Red and Black eyeshadow
6. In2it black liquid eyeliner

Just refer to the kyary pamyu pamyu's monster mouth but this time make it more dramatic and eerie. 
Pardon my messy room :( 
An advice, sketch a rough blueprint/ outline of the monster mouth with a white pencil eyeliner in advance before filling in the details of the mouth.
Add a pair of eyelashes to make it a little more dramatic ;)

What do you think? This look is really worth and fun to try on during Halloween season.
Good luck in trying this look ;)

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