Monday, October 28, 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Monster Mouth Make Up

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Currently I am in a Halloween mood. :D
Therefore, I've planned to try out some Halloween ideas I found on the web. 
This time the look that I've chosen is inspired by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Monster mouth.
The Items I've used
1. Prestige Cosmetics White Liquid Eyeliner
2. IN2IT Black Liquid Eyeline
3. Elianto Black Pencil Eyeliner
4. Elianto White Pencil Eyeliner
5. Maybelline Pure Concealer
6. IN2IT Pink Alarm Lipstick
7. 2 pairs of False eyelashes

I got these real cheap false eyelashes from MR. DIY for only RM6 for 5 pairs.
I've used top lash for both top and bottom to create the dramatic look.

The "BEFORE" look.

Step 1: Have a clean face
Step 2: Conceal any imperfection on your face (pimples/ scars)
Step 3: Use the white pencil eyeliner to sketch the ideal size and length of the monster mouth
Step 4: Outline your lips with your chosen lipstick color to create the larger mouth image
Step 5: Start drawing the "teeth" in the space created earlier with the black pencil eyeliner
Step 6: Fill and color the "teeth" with white liquid eyeliner
Step 7: Darken the lines of the teeth with black liquid eyeliner

The "AFTER" look with Stocking's wig. :D
Good Luck in trying this look. :D

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