Sunday, August 25, 2013

Asean Kendo Tournament 2013 - Day 3

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Today would be the final day of the tournament. Time flies. *I know!*
Today's event will consist of women's individual and men's team championship. As usual, it was busy day.
Was planning to join in for Godou Keiko at the end but unfortunately  I was really exhausted. 

Our PKC members
From left: Yann Ni, Xiu Ying, Han Min and Lau

These two uncles are pretty vain too eh? 

A group photo of our Penang Kendo Club members with the Senseis. :D
*felt so honored* 
 The Malaysian Women did a splendid job this year! 
 Later on in the evening, we had our Sayonara Party at the ThreeSixty Revolving Restaurant & Rooftop Bar, City Bayview Hotel. Arrived early for my duty of course. LOL
It was also a golden opportunity for me to meet lots of senseis from all around the world to share their kendo experiences with us. I felt really honored. 
And of course I had the chance to take a picture with our very own Penang Kendo Club founding sensei, Arimatsu sensei. :D
 Hmmm.. Is it me or what that I look pretty tanned in these pictures. :(

 It was one great experience no doubt a little tired after 3 days of rushing through and forth from many different venues but I was really glad that I was been given a chance to be part of the committee in this year's  10th Asean Kendo Tournament.
Thanks again!

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