Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oxbow Guinea Pig Pellets

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I've recently purchased both Oxbow Cavy Performance & Oxbow Cavy Cuisine for the 3 little rascals. 
It is essential for them to gets enough nutrition. I bought Oxbow Cavy Cuisine specially for Nyappy as an adult boar should now be feeding on Timothy pellets instead of Alfalfa pellets. Whereas Oxbow Cavy Performance are for both Mochi and Shimbo.

Oxbow's high-fiber, pelleted formulas are recommended and used by top exotic veterinarians worldwide.
One of the reason for me to choose this brand is because they do not uses coloring on their pellets.
Alfalfa Pellets recommended for Young (6 months and below) or Pregnant Guinea Pigs.

Timothy Pellets for Adult Guinea Pigs (6 months and above).

Mochi got healthier as the texture of her fur got silkier longer after feeding her with Oxbow for a month.

All of them love it, no doubt according to the feeding instructions I am suppose to feed them 1/8 cups daily but they will definitely wheek and wheek for more.

Rate: ★★★★★ 

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