Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Homeless Guinea Pigs

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Guinea Pigs are such delicate animals and I really do not understand why some people can be so cruel to see them suffer. :(
Wendy and I rescued 3 piggies today as they were found snatching a piece of damp bread full of mold. They were so skinny till you can even feel their ribs while petting them.. Most of them suffered from hairloss and dehydration.. 
Curse you owner! How can you just abandon them like that! They were so helpless!

Therefore, both of us adopted 3 of them without hesitation.. LOL
Shimbo (Abyssinian)

Mochi (Abyssinian with Himalayan colored fur)

Mr.Naked Molerat (unknown breed due to severe hair loss)

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millymin said...

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