Saturday, February 16, 2013

World Spay Day 2013

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In conjunction of World Spay Day 2013, Save of Stray (SOS) Penang is giving out FULL SPONSORSHIP to the strays animals for the entire February 2013. 

STEP 1: Call April at 016-4708308 or email SOS for inquiries.
STEP 2: Get a collar or name tag to prove the Vet that you're with SOS Spaying Program 
STEP 3: Send stray to the appointed VET clinics by SOS for spaying. Ask Vet to tipped its left ear as to mark that the stray has been spayed.
STEP 4: Submit original copy of the Vet Clinic receipt and a photo of the stray after spayed together with the rescuer. Please do show the indication of the "ear marking" as well.

So we ended bringing one of the stray cat at our place over to get Spayed at their appointed veterinary clinic Peng-Aun. 

Shamala waiting patiently for her turn.. :D
Her ear bleeds a lot till her blood was dripping all over at our living room. Gosh.. Kinda Gore.. But finally we manage to stop her ear from bleeding.. Thank God.

A picture of mum with Shamala and her tipped ear. 


millymin said...

Who was the vet?

Xherlyn said...

A chinese young man