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T-Bowl Concept Restaurant

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Have you ever thought of dinning in toilet? Or perhaps having the urge to try the experience of dinning in the toilet?
T-Bowl Concept Restaurant would be the place for you.
I have to admit that I never did tried dinning in concept restaurants  due to some rumours saying and assuming most Concept Restaurant has the look but may not serve good food. 
I visited T-Bowl Restaurant recently that is located at the 3rd Floor of Queensbay Mall next to the cinema right beside Aw Yong Book Store.

This restaurant portrays the toilet theme by having toilet seats as their chairs. Interesting isn't it? 
To admit the seats are pretty comfortable too. 

Recently they had started improvising their menu starting 6th January 2013. 

Tokyo Omelette Noodle
Price: RM 12.90
Fried egg wrapping the noodles and bacon with some sweet sauce that reminds me of having Okonomiyaki during my last trip in Tokyo!

Cheese Baked Rice with Honey Spared Ribs
Price: 14.90
Fried rice covered by melted cheese with Honey coated pork ribs. One of my favorite dish in T-Bowl! Speaking of it right now makes my stomach growls. :P

Pork Knuckle Noodles
Price: RM12.90
Something less oily for those who didn't want to have heavy food. 

Spicy Grilled Fish Rice
Price: RM13.90
Served with lime which helps to enhance the entire dish. This dish sounded spicy but it is actually not really that spicy as it is also suitable to be consumed by kids.

Wings of love
Price: RM9.90
This two cute lovely couple hugging each other is also one of my favourite dish from T-Bowl. Honey grilled chicken wings served with shrimp and corns would really be a balance meal for kids.

Dragon Fruit Sponge Mellow
Price: RM9.90
Sponge Mellow ice topped with pieces of fresh dragon fruit to complete your full course meal.

Taro Sponge Mellow
For those Taro ball fans, this would be a perfect dessert for you as the taro balls that are served here are easier to chew to those competitors out there. The grass jelly is so soft that it will immediately melts in your mouth the moment you put them in.

Healthy Coco Peanut Delight
Price: RM9.90
The combination of the ice-cream, syrup and the peanuts are just so perfect. While eating them, you can find more nuts and cornflakes at the bottom of the cup. Since I am a nut lover, I really love this dessert!!

Lemon. Sourplum Mocktail
Price: RM6.90
This drink doesn't taste like those ordinary sourplum beverage being serve outside. It tasted rather unique and pretty addictive i admit. You all should come over and try them yourself and I would assure you that you won't regret.

Blue Curacao Bubble Frappe Mocktail
Price: RM6.90
One of T-Bowl's signature drink. The taste is pretty similar to ice-cream soda.

Their crew really did a splendid job in introducing new improvise menu. For more information CLICK HERE to view their new menus. Besides, they even come out with T-Bowl member card which cost only RM12 for a lifetime. Other than that, all new card members would be able to receive monthly vouchers which enable you to enjoy FREE food with a minimum of RM30 spend once monthly. And did I mention that you can even repurchase the new vouchers yearly for only RM5!

T-Bowl has proven most peoples perception on Concept Restaurant as they provides a unique, different and interesting dining experience.

Restaurant Name: T-Bowl Concept Restaurant
Address: 3F-43/43A/45, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Business Hours: Mon-Sun (11pm-10pm)

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