Saturday, January 19, 2013

Penang Yosakoi 2013

mood: tired
song: itoshii ito (miyavi)

Yosakoi means "come at night" where dancers, floats and paraders will march down the road during this event. And yes I was one of the paraders this year. LOL.
This is our very first time of having Yosakoi event organised in Penang.

Our club had to parade down the Church Street. lol

Zeon and I. we look as if we are going to tear someone apart. Lol.

An elegant picture of me.. ehems ehemss.

One of our group picture that I manage to find in facebook. Love the colour of it though. :D

Did I even mention that I was pretty lucky to get a lucky draw gift from my lucky number which is 1828. :D No doubt i was not able to get the grand prize which is a trip to Japan. But I was grateful enough to at least get this perfume by Josh Lee. 
Will be looking forward for next year's Yosakoi! :D 

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