Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miyavi Live In Malaysia - Day 3

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song: selfish love (miyavi)

The day that i have been waiting for has arrived! Miyavi's Live!!!
Woke up at 8am to get ready for the day. We traveled down to KLCC by Monorail and had our lunch at McDonalds. After that we went searching for The Stage which is right opposite KLCC. When we got there we saw some fans already started camping at the door! omg..
Got ourselves back to KLCC to kill some time in Kinokuniya.. XD
At around 3pm we went to Avenue K for the queue to ensure that we would be able to get a good view of  Miyavi during his live performance later. Didn't bring my camera along for the live concert as i know Miyavi dislikes being film during his live. Anyway, due to the previous experience i had in Bangkok during Miyavi Fan Meeting session, I was forced to leave my cameras outside the hall as they do not allow us to bring any recording devices. Therefore, just to prevent incident to repeat I've decided to leave my camera in the hotel.

PS: I do not own any of this pictures as I didnt have my camera with me. :(
At around 5pm.. the queue was @.@

I spot us!! HAHAHAHAH

Smexy Miyavi!


the baptizing session by Miyavi!! WOOOOOOO!!

I was really satisfied as I was able to touch his leg, guitar and fingers during the live. I know i sounded a lil insane to even aim for his legs. LOL. No doubt most of my friends claims that I'm insane to even touch his legs but WHO CARES! It's MIYAVI'S and im proud of it! HeeHee!
If you see closely in this picture, you would be able to spot my hand holding Miyavi's leg. LOL

Love the lighting of this shot as my hands are trying to reach up to him.

Songs covered by him that night was:
1. What's My Name
2. Universe
3. Survive
4. Hell No/ NoNoNo
5. Aha
6. Shelter
7.Selfish Love
8. I Love you, I Love you, I Love you and Hate you
9. We love you- 世界わ君を愛してる
10. Gravity
11. Strong
12. Day 1
13. Futuristic Love


14. 素晴らしきかな、この世界 -WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD
15. 咲き誇る華の様に - Neo Visualizm
16. Are you ready to rock?

The Stage stamp on our hands. XD

I really had an awesome time during the live as i was jumping, screaming and headbanging till my energy level runs low.. LOL. But it was worth it as long as its for Miyavi! \m/

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