Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Miyavi Live in Malaysia - Day 2

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song: a-ha (miyavi)

It's the second day in KL. Cant really sleep well, i guess im just missing home.. LOL.
Both of my feet are still aching.. TT^TT
I guess my legs would really have to strive through today as we will be doing lotsa walking and shopping. *cries*
First stop Times Square.. Spend an hour in I-Socks.. LOL. 
Later in the evening, we quickly rushed back to the hotel to get ready for the Meet & Greet with Miyavi which is at 8pm in Pavilion.
went for a quick dinner at Pavilion at around 6pm.
The Meet and Greet session will be held at Tokyo Street. 
*excited fangirl*
After dinner, we quickly head to Tokyo Street and we saw the queue was already this long and the time is only 6 plus.. O_______O!!
all of the fans including me waited patiently for the sake to meet and greet our obsession. LOL
Roughly at around 8pm. Miyavi appeared escorted by several body guards. *fangirl-ing*
i scream till i almost lost my voice but i have to control and save some voice for tomorrow's live.
*maintain coolness* 
by the way i do not own these pictures. :)
I took them from HERE as i was too excited to even take pictures of him.. XD

my obsession >//////////< *faints*
while waiting for my turn to meet and greet Miyavi. I was nervous and speechless on what i should say to him.. OMG.
So this is how it went.
Me: Konban wa. :)
Miyavi: hi *gave a smile*
Me: *passes my CD to him for his autograph and waited patiently* 
watashi no namae kaku koto ga dekimasu ka?
Miyavi: what? * with American accent*
Me: *shit did i just screw up the Japanese grammar i just said*
ermmm....... *went speechless*
Miyavi: what's your name? *asked with a smile*
Me: Xherlyn. 
*Then i started spelling my name..*
Me: X... *gasping to continue as i was really nervous*
Miyavi: Your name is only the letter X?
Me: nono.. I still havent finish spelling my name.
Miyavi: ohh.. *chuckles*
Me: *continues* H.E.R.L.Y.N
After he finished with his autograph on my CD
Me: Arigato gozaimashita. Mata ashita :)
Miyavi: do have fun tomorrow *looks up and smile*
Then we shook hands. After that, I walked away in disbelief that I just shook hands with someone whom I admired for 10 years!!! I was hoping the time to stop just right there.
His hands really do felt rough and manly.. >w<
my CD ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
anticipating for tomorrow's live.. OMG!!!

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