Monday, July 23, 2012

Miyavi Live in Malaysia - Day 1

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Woke up at 5.15am to get ready to depart for a trip to KL.
Wendy made カレイカツ べんとう for me to enjoy on the bus.
Left home at 6.15am and reached the bus station at around 6.30am.
The bus departed at 7.30am. A boring 5 hours journey of staring at oil palm plantations till i reaches KL.
After the long 5 hours journey, the bloody bus driver dropped us at Kota Raya instead of Puduraya and this has forced us to find our own way out to get ourselves to Puduraya.. !@#$%^&*($%^&!!!
Finally we got our way to Puduraya to catch a monorail to Pavilion to collect our tickets! 

 Upcoming Events and Performances in Pavilion!

our tickets to Rock Zone! we got the posters as well!!
We went checking in the Hotel right after that before heading for lunch. Went strolling nearby Pavilion as they are having some convention in conjunction of their 1st year anniversary for Tokyo Street as Miyavi will be attending the official opening ceremony.
At around 7pm, we started waiting at the Central Court to ensure we have a good view when he arrives. :P 
For now i will let the pictures to do the talking.
Miyavi arrives. >3<
I screamed my heart out when i saw him.. OMG.. 
He is so F*****g HOT!!!
sorry for the blurry picture.. TT^TT
Then Miyavi performed 2 songs for us.
1. What's my name
2. Strong

gosh.. it has been 3 years ever since I last seen Miyavi live!
It seems that he is still as hot as ever. >///////<
Will be looking forward to the meet and greet event tomorrow!! ;)

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