Monday, August 29, 2011

Tokyo Street, Pavilion

mood: tired
song: Hakumei

Woke up at around 9am to get ready for our "Shopping Day".
First stop, Kinokuniya Book Store :D
We spend almost 2 hours only in the bookstore. 

Next stop, KL Pavilion.
We went straight to Tokyo Street..
And i went to Asakusa. LOL. Just joking.
i met Domo-kun

Bought some kinchaku for my sis.
Amazing Bento box!

We had our lunch in Cafe Takahashi
Alex & Li Suan posing while waiting for the food to be served.
Our food. Love the fried rice! And they are all in reasonable prices!

After our meal we went to had our dessert.
It brings back the time i had my first Japanese Crepe in Harajuku last winter. :D
my banana chocolate cake + chocolate ice cream crepe!
Basically i went around buying what i see.. LOL
i bought some Oyaki back home as well. XD

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