Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kendo Camp - Day 2

mood: tired
song: reila ( gazette)

Its the second day and the last day of the camp.
Feeling a little reluctant for it to end this fast though..
We continued our keiko as usual till 12pm.
 rows of bougu
 Lunch time!
After lunch we had a lil exercise where we need to jog around the hall and when the sensei shouted a number, we would need to gather in a group of the number that the sensei has mentioned.. interesting isnt it? :P
Keiko resumes after that mini exercise.
Me getting ready for the keiko with the senseis.. xD
a mini happi made by my tenugui.. :)
 i lasted only 3 rounds with the sensei then KO-ed..
lack of stamina.. :(
an hour before the camp ends, they had a friendly match between Malaysia and Singapore team.
Malaysian team
Singapore team
Fighto! Fighto!
It was an awesome match where we were able to see the speed of each individual.
 before going off our PKC manage to get a shot with 7 of the senseis.
 And also another shot with Mr Yap :)
 Throughout this camp, ive learned alot. Will definitely be looking forward for the next camp.
My whole body is aching right now. :( will be resting early as tomorrow would be our shopping day in KL!!

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