Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kendo Camp - Day 1

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The day that we have been anticipating has arrived. :D
We started by taking a group picture. Spot me :P
I was my very first time to attend such camp. was feeling nervous as well..
We had our practice from around 9.30am and had our lunch break at 12pm.
A picture with Xiu Ying, Lisuan and our PKC president :)
Lunch time!
we had bento for lunch >w<
 PKC members buka puasa! LOL
 after lunch we went strolling to look around in the school
 Dont you think it just look a lil like angry bird?
 Keiko continues at 1.20pm till around 5pm :)
  PKC President posing for the camera after his keiko.. LOL
 a group picture of PKC members that we manage to take during "parking".
One of my favourite picture.
 Quite exhausted as my whole body is aching after it. LOL
Went back to the hotel to had our shower and off for dinner. :D

A group photo of our PKC team. :)
After dinner we drove to KL to double confirm our hotel room just to avoid sleeping in the car.. LOL
Tomorrow would be the second and last day of the camp.
Lets enjoy!

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where is this place actually, doesn't look Malaysian and it obviously doesn't looks Penang or KL.

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