Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girls Kick Ass

mood: sad
song: last christmas (exile)

How time flies. I've been working for a year plus.
I was fresh and knew nothing that time. I've met alot of people there. 
There is when i got the chance to work in Japan with the Japanese.
I had great team members.
Really felt reluctant to leave.. TT^TT
Christina and I
 Satoshi-san and I
 Lets kick KL Lee's ass!!
 Girls Kick Ass team!
 With the NPI Lead >w<
 With David
 not to forget the EL Pro!
 with my dearest KH Bok >w<
Gonna miss her really much.
 picture spoiler.. :O

 Really gonna miss them really much.
Do keep in touch, we shall be meeting again. :)

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millymin said...

Haha I'll miss green lantern lol