Friday, May 20, 2011

Lake Toba Part 1

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An old post that ive been procrastinating so long to blog about it since February 11th..
Forgive my laziness.. LOL
My trip to Indonesia with a bunch of backpackers!
getting really excited about the trip *jumps around* 
Woke up pretty early to catch the earliest flight to Medan, Indonesia..
We landed at Polonia International Airport and meet up with the rest of the crew from KL.

A van pick us up.. And there is when our journey begun. The whether was kind of hot plus with the van's aircon that "mati" due to intermittent failure.. Felt like crushing the aircon.. *sheesh*
I got to say there are really lots and lots of potholes in Indonesia.. It really reminds me of the carpark in front of Queensbay Mall..
 the town
 we stop by at a shop for Indonesia food after a couple of hours ride.. :)
Our food..
Our next stop after lunch was Tongging, Spiso.
the stalls
Van Gaya Baru 
Our journey on the van continued after the stop. The weather was not good that day.. It start raining heavily and we even got ourselves wet. Its time for us to head back to the hotel and rest for the day.
We catch our last ferry to get to the island. Gosh and the ferry price was overcharged by them..

the night shot didnt turn out good.. :(

Its time to hit the bed after a long day of potholes and honks.
Stay tuned for Lake Toba day 2. :)

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don't you wanna do Lake Toba again?!