Saturday, December 11, 2010

Japan Part 5

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My last weekend in Japan.. Sobs.. Missing this place already..
Woke up at 7am got ready the day today! Got ready for another road trip..
Today's destination would be Asakusa and Akihabara..
Went to catch the train at 9am..
Nearly went for the wrong train.. WTF..
We got lost at some random train station.. Therefore, got force to use my broken japanese to ask for directions.. WTF.. FML.. I can feel that that person was laughing his ass off on what the hack ive just asked..
But it did help us to get on track to Akihabara though.. Ehemss.. * coughs *
One of our achievement of the day!! woots.. *proud*
A place for otaku..
Sex shop.. I meant "Adult Amusement Park"..
The city view
Gacha anyone?!
Maids all over Akihabara. . Didnt get to dine in their maids cafe.. Jeezz..
This place is really full of electronics and anime!! A right place for otaku!
Spent half of our day there drooling on the cute maids.. LOL
Later on we went over to Asakusa!! woots!

 some golden chili lookalike.. :S
went to visit Sensoji/ Asakusa Kannon Temple.
ignore my picture.. LOL
blue blue sky
saw lotsa noh mask!! Kitsune mask!! woots!!
And MORE!!!
the crowd
my retarded face.. LOL
pagoda.. xD
me again!!
the main hall
nearby the temple.. there was alot of food stores.. I spot Takoyaki!!
after strolling around for hours our stomach starts to growl.. LOL
Time for food hunting.. :D
Another random picture .. LOL
Irashai mase!
continued strolling..
We left Asakusa at around 5pm and dropped by Akihabara to get some stuff before heading back to Hachioji.. xD Things were really cheap in Akihabara.. >w<
Took a short nap on the train.. As soon as we arrived at Hachioji, we headed straight to Baskin Robbins to try out their Crepes!! *woots*
As i wanted to order the crepes, i was having some difficulties to explain to the girl what i want.. I told her i wanted Crepe but instead she gave me paper CLIPS! =[]=!!
 After some sign language explanation.. We finally got our Crepes! *phew*
Got back to the hotel to do some packing.. After dinner I headed over to Keio Plaza to grab some souvenirs.. It have been a really long day, and im felt kind of reluctant to leave this place suddenly.. LOL
I believe i havent seen the last of Japan.. I will be planning a year end holiday next year to Japan again.. :)
Got to rest early as my flight will be at 9am tomorrow..

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