Friday, February 4, 2011

Hatyai Part 1

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone.. This year would be a lil different from the past years as we are heading down to Hatyai, Thailand for CNY.. LOL..
a great chance to avoid all the relatives..
Woke up at 3.30am.. WTF.. At around 4am Elvin came over to pick me up before we head over to Jerilyn's place.. The van pick us up at around 5am.. And it was one horrible journey all the way to Hatyai as the driver drives recklessly.. It was similar to a roller coaster ride just without seat belts .. We reaches the boarder at around 11am.. The queue was really long.. 
Got into Thailand at around noon..
Sawadee ka..
quickly checked into the hotel and dump our luggage before touring the town..
First stop. Pet shop.. LOL
love this cute lil Pomeranian.. She is 5 years old and yet so small..
Catch a Tuk Tuk to head down to the market place..
muka bodo i with our one and only Hawt Line Leader.. XD

I went all the way to Thailand and yet i still sees Suika.. F@#K!!
love the color of the scooter
The heavenly seven eleven!!
more drinks!!
filling the basket with junk food..
We catch another Tuk Tuk to hunt for food!

kerabu mango
egg + oyster
the main dish.. TOMYAM!!
the junk food that we bought..
at night we went out for our next event.. After the event, we went hunting + shopping at the night market..
Meiji milk!


It was really crowded, so we decided to have our dinner at McDonalds instead.. xD
Mc Cafe!!
our dinner! Samurai Pork Burger!!! woots!
We went strolling around the night market and we found a stall selling exotic food/snacks..
they sells cockroaches, grasshoppers, cangkerik, worms, just name it.. they have them..
Coca Cola!!
Got some voodoo dolls too!!
Going off to bed early tonight.. >w<
As its gonna be a whole day trip tomorrow to Songkla.


Woody Allen said...

hua, syok lor, always vacation sajer. btw, click on yr nuffnang d...tht means u need to click back..LOL

Woody Allen said...

Valentine's Day is a day
Meant for sharing.
A day for giving,
For loving and caring.

Valentine's Day is a day
Meant for sharing.
A day for giving,
For loving and caring.

Exabytes wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!m

Munak said...

eh, 5am to 11am????how come? we left pg at 9 and reached 11 driving at 110kph mmmm

Unknown said...

A wonderful story! When I and my friends visited Thailand, we were slightly shocked. But this did not stop us moving further. I was abroad for the first time and I was surprised what I saw. My boyfriend rented a motorcycle here, to look more. And from that moment, we went to the mountains, then to the forest... I was ready to dissolve in the beauty of Chiang Mai.