Friday, December 3, 2010

Japan Part 1

mood: tired
song: on your mark (j soul brothers)

Woke up at 5am! IM LATE and i need to check-in an hour before the departure time! shit! Ive should have woke up at 4am instead! Damn!
Rushed like mad till my sis have to rempit all the way to the airport.. LOL
Thank god that i still managed to check-in and by the way, while i was at the MAS counter to do the checking-in and the bloody woman was really rude. I guess she was PMS-ing but Hello?! What does your fucking period got to do with other people?!!" IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE!.. If it seems so hard to communicate with customers, she can always quit.. there is lots more job opportunities for her out there! For example, toilet janitor! All you need to do is to clean up people's shit and you dont have to communicate with people? A perfect job for her i think! LMAO!!
I shall stop about her, dont wanna spoil my beautiful day because of her.. worthless..LOL
So i boarded at 6.30am and departed to KL at 7.00am.. So damn sleepy..
Went for my breakfast at burger king in KLIA before the next flight which is at 11am..
Went strolling at the Duty free shop.. LOL
At around 10.30am i went on board for the next flight to Japan..

 The food they served..

it was really filling, cant managed to finish up .. =.="
later on they serves ice-cream.. Now i really do felt like vomiting! LOL
This Japanese man in white finished up every single food that is served.. OMG!
We were really amazed.. and we named him Dinosaur-san! >.<
really like this shot.. Its like snowing
On more hour!!
sun set

We landed at Narita Airport at around 6.30pm and the sky was already really dark there. It was like 8.00pm in Malaysia. LOL
got to get a train shuttle to another terminal to catch a airport limousine to the hotel...
 Let me present..
 At terminal 2! Waiting for the bus which will arrive at 8.40pm! the airport limo costs around 3,700 yen..
It was freaking cold.. and the jacket doesnt seems to be working.. =[]=!! FML!
vending machines
The bus has arrived! :D
It was around a 3 hours journey from Narita Airport to our hotel at Hachioji..
Slept in the bus.. Thank god i didnt snored.. LOL
Finally! we have reached hachioji at 11pm!
Nice trees eh? LOL
The view from my hotel room's window..
It has been a long day today.. Got to get some rest for another long day tomorrow at Hachioji!!
Stay tuned and good night :D


millymin said...

So NAIS!!!! I like the yellow tree hehe

Xherlyn said...

i like the shot of the snow look alike thingy.. LOL

Woody Allen said...

I want Japan too!

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