Friday, December 10, 2010

My Birthday

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song: taiyou to kimi ga egaku story (scandal)

I'm turning 21 today.. getting older and older each year.. sometimes i really hate this day of the year.. jeez..
Really misses home suddenly.. Ive never celebrated my birthday without my family before.. I guess this year is going to be a lonely birthday for me.. :(
Anyway,its my last day of training today..Woke up at 6.30am today..
The shot of the sunrise on my birthday :P
Went to work and i received a cake from my customer.. 
Gosh.. i felt so awkward!
Azuki Ocha cake.. so typical Japanese.. LOL
Thanks Christina-san >w<
During lunch i "pampered" myself with some better meal from the cafeteria..
Unagi bento!!
There goes my 680yen.. LOL
Went for a stroll around the building to enjoy the winter view of Hachioji..
Love the maple tree..
Camwhore in the toilet.. LOLI just realized that my eyes are unevenly big.. :(
Continued working.. Later on i was informed by the Japan team that there will be a meeting at 3pm..
When the clock strikes 3, i went for the meeting.. And guess what I saw..
a birthday cake for me!
So embarrassed..
My birthday cake :P
they were figuring out to cut the cake.. LOL
my piece of cake with 2 huge sweet strawberries.. I have the priority for the day..
Otanjoubi Omedetou!
おたんじょうびおめでとう。 ^____^
A group picture of me and the Japan team on my last day of training.
Gonna miss this moment.. Really sweet people.. 
Thanks for everything Japan team!
Later on after work, my colleague and i went for a long stroll in Hachioji..and had our dinner at KFC..
Tried something that we cant get it in our local KFC..
Bought lotsa rubbish from the Daiso.. Really cant resist the temptation!
a present for myself.. LOL
the night view of Hachioji.. Gonna miss this place real soon! TT^TT
Got to sleep early tonight.. Gonna go Akihabara and Asakusa tomorrow!! woots!
Oyasumi nasai minna san!!


millymin said...

i spotted Song Wing in the picture! I thought he is a Japanese too. hahaha.. Chew looks so short! LOL ...

Xherlyn said...

Hahahaha.. Before I know him I tot he was a Japanese as well.. LOL