Monday, December 6, 2010

Japan Part4

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Rise & Shine! 
Today will be my first day for my product training in Agilent.
A shot of morning sky in Japan.. Prettier? or was that only me? LOL
Got ready at around 7am..
Had my breakfast at the hotel ..
Went off to catch the train at 8am.. OMG!The train is really crowded with people at this kind of time.. Therefore its like my first experience of "berhempit-hempitan" with Japanese people in the train like some kind of sardine.. WTF
Reached Kita-Hachioji at around 10minutes later..
Agilent people!
Just look at the amount of people rushing down the staircase..
Love this shot
People at work was really welcoming and friendly..
Finished work early as today its just the first day and its only more to the introduction session..
Catch a train back to Hachioji and got bento for dinner.. Kind of sad case eh?
But the bento there really do tasted different from those that is in Penang..
Really Delicious!!!
my 399yen bento
 Nothing much for the night.. I stayed in the hotel room watching Sumo wrestling on TV
FML.. I know.. LOL
thats all for today.. more updates tomorrow.. :)

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