Sunday, December 5, 2010

Japan Part3

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Woke up at 7am.. Got ready, had my breakfast and went to catch a train to Shinjuku.. *woots*
in the train
Japanese houses..
We took the wrong train and we reached Shinjuku 2 1/2 hours later.. FML

Shinjuku BABEH!!
the building on the left really resembles abalone.. LOL

Shinjuku streets

MOS Burger.. Really regretted for not trying them.. TT^TT
Shinjuku is a place for branded goods. LV, Gucci, Burberry, Coach, Hermes just name it and they have almost every brand there.. @.@
A lady in furisode.. *so nice* >////<
some street performance
After 2 hours of walking non stop, my stomach starts growling .. Therefore, its time for us to find a place for lunch..
It was kind of hard to order food in Japan if you dont know or understand basic Japanese..
Thank god that they somehow understands my broken Japanese or else i think i would just starved to death.. LOL
the Yaki Gyoza was seriously delicious!
Fried rice
We continued our "adventure" after lunch..
After spending our half day in Shinjuku, we decided to go down to Harajuku!
Harajuku for Harajuku Lovers!
while getting the train ticket to Harajuku..
The train station in Shinjuku was really humongous and we got lost! another FML..Thank god that we manage to catch a random girl to show us the way to Harajuku.. To be frank, I do realize that Japanese are friendly and willing to help lost tourist like us.. We finally manage to catch a train to Harajuku..
Harajuku train station.. just look at the amount of people!
Harajuku desu!! A fashion heaven for teenagers + me!
Bump into alot of J-rock cute Japanese guys.. >/////<

It was really packed with people.. OMG! Ive never seen so many amount of human packed in one place in my whole entire life before.. It was winter, therefore the sky starts turning dark at around 3pm.. Cant really got use to it.. We wanted to visit the Meiji temple but unfortunately we didnt manage to...
the busy Harajuku street
While strolling, I found a place that sells all kind J-rockers costumes!!!


Harajuku is really a fashion heaven for teenagers.. 

I was really glad that i finally got a stainless steel Armour Ring for only ¥1490! *woots*.. There is so many cute stuff to buy.. Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to actually stop by every single shop.. TT^TT
The night view in Harajuku was really pretty..
The whole streets was filled with lights!
Illumination in Harajuku, pretty arent they?
a magic tree that changes color according to your mood when you touches it.
I spot Hachiko!!
We bumped into one really interesting cute man on the streets posing.. LOL
His earrings are really unique. They are actually filled with goldfishes..
We stopped by to try Japanese Crepes!!
And they were really delicious!
*two thumbs up*
Finally our leg punctured and there is when we decided to catch a train back to the hotel..
Slept all the way in the train till we reached Hachioji..
Its been a really interesting day.. Pretty sad that we got to start working tomorrow..
I guess its a time for me to experience working life in Japan.. I shall anticipate for tomorrow.. Woots!
Stay tune for more!!

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