Saturday, December 4, 2010

Japan Part 2

mood: excited
song: please please please (miyavi)

Its the second day in Japan.
Im currently staying in a hotel room that is just enough for one person..
Its just nice for me as i would not want to start imagining "friends" if im in a bigger hotel room.. 
*you know what i mean*
By the way, this would be my very first time for me to encounter with Japanese style toilet bowl..
with ass cleaning application.. LOL
the instructions to use it..
my hotel room's number
I woke up around 7am Japan time.. cant really sleep well.. too excited i guess.. lol
went got ready until 8am and watch some random Japanese kids program while waiting for my colleague to get ready.. I have to really admit that Japanese really do have weird TV programs.. LOL
 Went down to have my breakfast at the hotel lounge..
fresh orange juice
cream soup
We went of strolling around before meeting another colleague to bring and show us the way to Agilent Japan.. We met him up at around 9.30am.. we went over to the nearest Keio station to catch a train over to Kita-Hachioji..
A shot of the train station
Agilent Japan!
After that, we went back to Hachioji for a stroll..
Dropped by Daiso where every single thing costs only 105yen!!
the air there was really cold and dry therefore i bought orange juice from the vending machine..
so we continued exploring Hachioji until night falls.
We love Hachioji! I love Hachioji too!! >w<
school girls

went back to the hotel at around 2pm before planning for another stroll at 3.30pm..
The view from my hotel room
Yukio enjoying the breeze in Hachioji..
my new earmuffs and i 
We went hunting for food at around 6pm.. I guess we will tend to feel hungry easier during winter.. DAMN! It makes me feels fattening..
 lights in the town
 Went round and round the town, in the end we decided to try the restaurant just right beside our hotel.. =.=!
 my food.. Oishii!!
 After dinner we went over to Uniqlo in TokyuSquare..
ashot of Hachioji at night
we came across this really beautiful Japanese restaurant while we were on our way home..
Both if my legs are aching no doubt we just went touring around the town.. Got to get more rest for tomorrow's one day trip to Shinjuku & Harajuku!!   


millymin said...

Sogo! LOL! no wonder you sesat, hahaha

Woody Allen said...

OMG...U macam Hass...Exactly...u took yr doooodoll along and have pictures taken...swt