Saturday, November 6, 2010

We ♥ Our Attitude Problem

mood: moody
song: no logic (megurine luka)

Its the final day for us to spend our time with our world bestest boss..
We will make sure that you will remember this moment forever. :D
I my attitude problem..
 A few shots of Papa Rooster and his 5 lil chicks!
 All really do have serious attitude problem.. LOL

An award giving session to our World Bestest Boss!

Time flies.. and the day that most of us fear of has come, yet there is nothing we can do about it.. No doubt we were really reluctant and sad to let go but we tried our best put a smile on our face..
Thanks for everything you did for us Ben. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to shine. I will never forget that i have such great boss as you. :(
Im sure that after this moment our working place will not ever be the same again.. :(
Just wanna wish you all the best in your new place and dont forget your 5 little chicks that will be here waiting to be rescued from black panthers..
We will all be looking forward to report to you again!!

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