Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tree Monkey

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I receive an invitation to attend a food review at Tree Monkey for dinner today.
The restaurant its located right beside Tropical Spice Garden.
This restaurant was set more to the nature , where you are surrounded by trees and jungle.
I really do enjoy the relax and soothing feeling the whole time being there.
It was a place for you to head for after a whole tired hectic week working.
We reaches there around 6pm and were able to enjoy our food while enjoying the evening sunset.
The whole restaurant is set on a wooden platform with all of the furniture imported from Chiangmai.
The chefs of this restaurant are from North East Thailand.
We were served with a welcome drink.
1. Sunset Paradise [RM10.00] ~ it resembles the sunset therefore it is only available from 6.00pm-7.00pm
2. Thai Tapas ~ where you can choose any types of appetizers served with sweet chili sauce.
With a wide variety of 12 options to choose on menu- Thai Toast, Money Bag, Herbs Chicken, Spring Roll, Pandan Chicken, Otak-otak, Mussels Salsa, Lemongrass Stick, Prawn Sarong, Prawn Sabai, Thai Fish Cake & Darling Crab.
[8pcs @ RM30, 12pcs @ RM45, 16pcs @ RM60] (max 4 pcs for each item)

3. Asian Tapas ~ where you can choose any dishes and served with 2 Tumeric Rice.
With the variety of 12 options on menu- Mango Salad, Satay, Nam Tok, Crispy Herbs Fish, Chili Paste Prawn, Sweet Bean Curd, Kang Kung Belacan, Son In Law Egg, Masaman Curry, Panaeng Curry, Tomyam Soup & Tomkha Soup.
The Tomyam Soup *yumsss*
Tomkha soup
a shot taken while the sunsets..
Love this shot >w<
As for dessert we had ice-cream.
4. Thai Coconut Ice Cream [RM8.80]
topped with jackfruit and attap palm seeds/ attap chee/ buah nipah/ Nypa fruticans

5. Spice Tea/ Coffee with Condensed Milk [RM8.00]
It can be serve either hot or cold
it was enriched with the taste of cinnamon..
Really love the interior of the restaurant.. i'll let the picture do the talking..

mask man.. xD
It is open throughout the week from 9.00am-12.00midnight daily.
Tree Monkey @ Tropical Spice Garden
Lone Crag Villa, Lot 595,
Mukim 2, Jalan Teluk Bahang,
11100 Penang, Malaysia.

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