Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Japanese Class

mood: random
song: im all about you (aaron carter)

Skipped lunch today..  and went for tea later on at the canteen..
And I was shocked that the food served during tea time was better compared to lunch..
So i decided to have hot-dog egg.. and i cost me only RM1.50!
Later after work.. we rushed to our first time for Japanese Class..
We learn writing basic hiragana.. It was like a calligraphy class to us..
And i nearly slept during the class.. =.=
hiragana & katakana
Wish me luck.. Hoping to survive the next class.. XD


millymin said...

wowsa! Memandu dengan bahaya to attend class. shit la besok got class again. :( sien lorrr

millymin said...

siens tonite got class again :(