Sunday, July 25, 2010


mood: happy
song: god knows (aya hirano)

My convocation ceremony was held in Shah Alam last Thursday..
wanted to go at first but it was kinda rush for me to arrange everything for it.. Therefore, i didnt manage to attend in the end.. sigh..
But i had a "surprise" cake from my sis Emily..
Although my mum spoiled the surprise.. I have to act surprise too right?
Chocolate moist cake from Jenny's cake house.. xD
bird/ chicken / owl with a songkok mortar hat on its head
A family picture
take 1
take 2
posing with the cake.. now it looks like their convo instead.. xD
Wendy and I
Wendy, Zeon and I
my name
makan lah cake.. xD
a last vain picture of myself!
Thanks all.. although i didnt manage to attend the ceremony and all but im really happy that you all did celebrated with me.. xD

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millymin said...

:) Glad that ur okay and well ... hope u like the cake :)