Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

mood: excited
song: Aho Matsuri (miyavi)

It Bon Odori again! Time really flies.. 
Anyway, i skipped Kendo training today.. Felt really guilty though..
I was in dilemma on which yukata i should wear for Bon Odori this year.. 
ive finally came to a conclusion that i chose the first one.. xD
Zeon came over at 4pm.. we quickly went got ready and went off at 5.30pm.. xD
a picture of Wendy in yukata
The sky was really dark and it was drizzling when we were on our way there.. we were praying hard that it wont rain or else we will definitely be darn wet in our brand new yukatas.. =S
We waited in the car till the rain stops..
met up with JJ, Ernest & Andrew.. xD
Our first stop! as usual will be the yoyo stall!!
we manage to get 6 balloons in the end! xDD
The drum and dance performance on stage.
I really like the Pom Poko dance especially the song
Wendy and I
with Ernest, Zeon and Andrew
 Last but not least


millymin said...

wowsa!! I think I've missed such a great event! Ermm! Bet you guys had fun. I need to work. Otherwise, I might be there to be your photographer :P

Xherlyn said...

Hahaha.. we taught you were coming over.. sigh.. you should join us next year.. xD

millymin said...

ermm! means i must get yukata... wei skali ask Thiru to join! he wears sarong!