Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Saturday

mood: tired
song: gee (girls generation)

A random picture of Nyappy emo-ing..
because we refuse to feed him celery for breakfast..
*pinches his stomach*
went for Kendo at YMCA today.. xD
nearly got lost in the building because i doesnt seem to know the location of the stairs and lift.
Therefore, i wondered around the building like a lost chick till i finally met some familiar faces..
anyway, today's lesson was fun.. learn lotsa new things from the seniors..sadly something about me is not right today.. i cant balance myself well..almost fell even though im just standing =.=" i guess it must be the effect of the medicine i took earlier..
here are some pictures.. 
1# little japanese samurai. . >w<
they look really adorable in their hakama.. xD
2# senpai practicing
3# sparing
i wonder how long must i take to be as good as them.. TT^TT
i guess i have to practice harder this time.. xD

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