Saturday, May 15, 2010

another Saturday

mood: sick
song: scheat (sug)

Dying soon.. have been having sinus since this morning.. i kept sneezing non-stop..
it seems that drinking water cant really help this time.. =.=
went for Kendo around 3pm.. nearly fainted due to headache.. sigh..
its such a day spoiler.. went to Gurney after that to get a house warning warming present.. xDD
went  for dinner with my parents after that,, xDD

felt so bloody tired till im typing this post with half of my eyes are closed..
will keep my blog updated from time to time.
got to go to bed now before fainting in the living room.. xDD



Carol said...

house warning present??? =O

Xherlyn said...

hahahah.. typo la.. i was half asleep that time.. xDD