Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Screwed up day

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Hmmm..How would i start?
Basically today is my first day for my final exams..
Human Resource Management!!
was really prepared for the paper.. revise almost the whole stack of notes given.. 
When the clock strikes 2.25pm i went in the examination hall.. anticipating to answer the questions.. but when i flip the question paper, my jaw almost dropped.. i turn back to the exam's paper cover page to make sure and double check that im sitting for the right paper..
The questions really gave me HELL!!
Its not even covered in our syllabus!!
I dont even understand a single question in the paper.. its like as if im actually sitting for a foreign language exams.. I strive really hard to understand the questions..
oh well.. i guess my plan to at least get an A- for HRM is ruin.. 
After exam, Zeon came over to pick me up and we went our to the pet shop to look at guinea pigs and jerboa.. * a way to release stress* 
when i got home.. i just realize that ive lost my handphone bag.. 
What the heck? thank god that i took my hp out.. or else i can really suicide... =.="
This Saturday would be my last paper which is Research Approach.. 
got to really revise.. Jeez..


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