Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last paper

mood: exhausted
song: before i decay (the gazette)

Today would be my last paper for this whole Diploma and im done with it!!
Research Approach! and im not ready for it!! DAMN!
at first, i planned to wake up early in the morning at 6am to revise but my BLOODY subconscious turn off my alarm.. Shit.. and before i know it, its already 8am!!
and my exams is starting at 9am! 
im entering the gate of Dooms Day by then..
luckily i manage to stuff some last minute info in my stooopid mind.. =.=
a portrait of Nyappy on my notes.. >w<
Ive manage to answer all the questions in the paper.. hopefully i can survive..
At night, Zeon's mum brought us out for dinner at Nandos >w<
picture spoiler xD
Our food

That's all for today's update.. 
Wish me luck too

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