Friday, March 26, 2010


mood: happy
song: levan polka (miku)

its just another boring Friday.. woke up and went to get my towel..
heard a kitten calling for its mom.. and we took him up.. >w<
cute heh? 
reminds me of Kitty when he was a kitten.. this little rascal was really hyperactive.. it took me an hour to get a perfect picture of him so that i can post them up.. =.="
JJ called me up around noon and we decided to rot at Gurney since we do not have anything better to do at home.. >w<  meanwhile, this is my time to gasha!!

JJ and I  
*ignore my retarded face*
was really excited and nervous because this would be my very first time to try out Gashapon-ing.. I know i sounded abit "sam-pat".. LOL
wish me luck!
gasha, gasha, gasha ~~

i got Lau & Ciel
i still wants my Sebas-chan!!! TT^TT
wasn't so lucky today i guess.. gotta try out my luck some other day till i gets Sebas-chan!!

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