Saturday, March 27, 2010

Akira Lucky Star

mood: random
song: relax (mika)

my mum woke me up at around 9.30am.. got ready and went out to pick Wendy up from school then straight to Gurney.. we strolled around Gurney untill noon.. before going home, we went to try our luck in Gashapon..
My bloody luck was really bad! I got 2 more Lau keychains.. =.=
NOOOOOOO!!! I want Sebastian!!! TT^TT
anyway, we manage to get my mum to Gasha as well! 
and she got addicted!! LOL
Wendy &  mum
She wanted to get the Lucky Star figurine..
my mum was kinda lucky though compared to me.. =.="
she got 2 different versions of Akira..>w<
As for me, i guess luck wasnt really on my side today 
TT^TT Sebastian!!
my Sebastian was way far from the hole! i guess i would have to wait for it.. 

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