Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pink hair

mood: excited
song: gotta be somebody (nickleback)

Ive been wanting to color my whole head pink before and still wanting now.. =X
if i ever have this hair i think my mum will silently sneak into my room while im sleeping and cut them off.. LOL anyway, ive bought a bottle of bleach today after college.. going to bleach my hair during the midnight to avoid getting unnecessary attention/ comment/ scolding/ nagging by mum.. =D
i wish they are mine! TT^TT

gonna dye the bleached part pink after that though.. i wont last me long till my mum notices my hair the next day.. xD
wish me luck..

1 comment:

9PEK9BO said...

Got a flash of the future in my mind..saw you screaming in your role as a mother because your daughter is shaving bald! hahahahahaha!

A few streaks of pink like in the pics should be nice...just my opinion.