Friday, February 19, 2010

JJ's open house

mood: filled
song:big girl (mika)

Went over to Zeon's place today before heading over to JJ's place for dinner.. xDD
the kitty below Zeon's house.. XD
*loves his eyes*
  After FB-ing the whole day at Zeon's place, we went over to JJ's place at around 7pm.. xD
we were the first to reach.. >w<
Cedric & Ai Ling came later on.. xD
*The duck peeping Cedric in the toilet* xD
 Let the pictures do the talking k?

  One of JJ's dog.. smiling dog.. cute heh? xD
  ah boy's puppy dogs eyes T^T
  Desserts later on!!
Oreo cheesecake!
  Chocolate brownie!! xDD
 Thanks for the awesome dinner JJ!!

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