Thursday, February 25, 2010


mood: random
song: whats my name (miyavi)

I slept at 3.30am last night.. and im suppose to wake up at 9am to get ready .. but i woke up at 10am!!
rushed like mad.. xDD then i was surprise i got ready in 10minutes time.. xD
Carol came around 10.20am to pick me up.. After dropping her bro at college, we headed straight to Gurney.. XD we went to get our Dooodolls first!
Then we had our brunch at Just Pizza!
the menu
our drinks
Carol and her new dooodoll Cupipi
Thanks Carol for the treat.. cilaka babi! next time if u pay again, im gonna split you into half! ishhh
Pictures for the day!
 Cupipi KSS-ing!
 love the decorations!
my Yukio( ゆきお) KSS-ed as well!! >/////<
 Cupipi and Pinky Pirate (ゆきお)
  Carol & Charco
  two Pinky Pirates in Toys R us.. different sizes but same price =S
  We headed back home around 4pm.. xD
  Yukio(ゆきお)  and Cupipi!
  awww.. best friends xD
Thanks Carol for the awesome day out!

  later at night.. my mum went over to Gurney to get a Master Ear for Wendy.. xD
the notebook that comes in the package
  Sunny Twin & Reddish Twin!
  my collection of Dooodolls!!
  Pinky Pirate & Master Ear!

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