Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crepe Cottage

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song: tsubomi (kobukuro)

I woke up at 12.45pm today because i slept at 4.30am yesterday.. xDD
went busy sewing the felt chocolate for Zeon the whole afternoon.. xD
Zeon came to pick me up during the evening for dinner.. we wanted to dine in at Harvest In at first.. sadly i was closed today.. T^T
therefore, we went over to Gurney for a stroll before deciding where to have our dinner.. xD
Finally, we decided to try Crepe Cottage instead.. xD
the menu

our drinks..
we waited for an hour plus for our food to arrive.. =.="
nearly lose our patience..
anyway these are the pictures of our food.. xD
 i love the pancake ♥♥
 after all, the food was really nice.. so it was kind of worth waiting.. xDD
the budak that settle the bill..xD
Thanks for the dinner.. ♥♥
anyway, this is the felt chocolate that ive been working on.. xD
Ive gave it to Zeon as Valentines present.. xD
 Hope you'll like it.. >w<
my KSS pictures of the day..
I know im VAIN!! 

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