Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bloody day

mood: tired
song: havent met you yet (michael buble)

went over to Gurney with mum today to do some last minute shopping before Chinese New Year approaches..xD Gawd and ive just realize that i still did not get a pants for it .. =S
then before heading home after a whole day of shopping, my mum dragged me to get a new pair of Converse.. O.O
Thanks mum!! xD
guess what? we left our parking ticket at the auto-paying machine after paying.. =.=
we realize the missing ticket just after a few second while leaving walking off to the car..
But when i run all the way back to the machine to get the ticket..
the ticket is already GONE!
Someone else must has took it!!
Omg! Im gonna get fined for losing the ticket!!
But thank God for giving me such itchy hands to press to get the receipt after the payment earlier..
so mum and i went all the way down to the security room to claim another new card with the receipt i got earlier after the payment.. Thank god i just have to pay RM 1 for the lost card instead of RM20..
Thank God!!

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